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Every person cares very much about their hair, especiallywhen the person in question is a female. That is why most people tend to takevery good care of their hair. Hair may become dull and lose its shine due tonumerous factors such as stress, the process of aging and various dailyactivities. One’s hair care regime commonly consists of cutting, dyeing andstyling the hair but quite often people tend to forget that the hair needs tobe brushed, washed, conditioned and oiled on a regular basis so that it cangrow faster. Oil is an excellent conditioner for all instances of breaking anddry hair. It is very efficient in preventing the dryness, penetrating deepinside the scalp and nourishing the roots of the hair. Oil may also come invery handy when it comes to strengthening the hair strands and enhancing afaster, richer and healthier hair growth. Safflower oil may be the healthiestoption possible when it comes to dealing with all of the aforementioned haircare issues. Safflower is a plant which comes from the family of compositae andit originates from the Far East, northwestern regions of India, Iran and NorthAmerica. The oil gets extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant.Safflower can be used for the treatment of baldness, hair loss, essential fattyacid deficiency and it may also come in very handy when it comes to reducingthe levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and increasing the levels of goodcholesterol in the blood simultaneously. The oil can be extracted from thesafflower plant by utilizing the chemical process or the mechanical process.The chemical process involves certain chemicals which contaminate the oil andremove all the beneficial nutrients from it. The mechanical process utilizes anatural expeller which does not affect the nutritional value of the oil.

Safflower Oil Benefits for Hair

Safflower oil is contains 77 percent of linoleic acid, 13percent of oleic acid and 10 percent of saturated fats. It is jam packed withpolyunsaturated fats, omega 9 essential fatty acids and omega 6 essential fattyacids. It is also rich in vitamin E, phytosterols and alpha tocopherol.Safflower oil is very beneficial for the overall health and growth of the hair.It is a very potent vasolidator as well, so it improves the blood circulationof the scalp. Those who suffer from dry hair should rub safflower oil intotheir scalps on a regular basis in order to retain the wanted levels ofmoisture.

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