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Every woman wants her hair to look great and shiny. Apart from that, it would be great if it was long and thick as well. However, modern lifestyle makes it hard for women to have that kind of hair. Apart from the lifestyle, the hair is constantly exposed to dirt, pollution and dust and these things damage the hair. A person who does not take proper care of the hair risks the hair becoming brittle and breaking easily. There are cases where people even lost their hair because it was brittle. There are various causes that lead to brittle hair but there are also plenty of treatments as well.

Brittle hair causes

One of the main reasons for brittle hair is constant washing. A hair that is being washed every day will lose its natural oils and that leads to the loss of moisture and luster. A person should also take care what kind of shampoo he or she uses since some have chemicals that make the scalp dry. Mild shampoo is best for people with dry hair. Environmental factors also contribute to the hair becoming brittle and dry. A person who exposes his or her hair to the sun, dust and pollution will most likely suffer from brittle hair. Exposing the hair to these factors will strip the hair of its essential nutrients.Women who use flat irons, perms, hair colors and the blow dryers risk doing great damage to their hair. A person may end up with brittle hair due to malnutrition and anemia. Brittle hair is one of the main signs that a person does not intake enough omega-3 fatty acids. Malnutrition is one of the main reasons for brittle hair in children as well. Anorexia is another cause of brittle hair. A person who does not consume enough food cannot expect to be introducing enough nutrients into his or her body. Brittle hair is a common symptom of this disease.

Brittle hair treatment

A person with brittle hair should most definitely apply flaxseed oils to the hair since this oil is rich in vitamin E. Massaging the scalp is very important because it betters the circulation of the scalp. A lot of people recommend olive oil for brittle hair. Olive oil is considered to be one of the best home remedies for various hair problems. People with brittle hair should make certain changes in their diet. They should consume more salmon, green leafy vegetables, chicken and eggs. Protein is very important for the hair. Drinking a lot of water is important as well.

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