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Beautiful hair is one of the best physical assets a person can have, whether it is a man or a woman. However, hair needs a lot of care and attention in order to stay healthy and nice.

There are several basic steps that need to be followed in order to assure the hair stays beautiful.

Hair washing

Everyone washes their hair but not everyone does it properly. It is recommended to use only a small amount of shampoo and to massage it into the hair, starting from the roots towards the end until a hat of foam is formed. If the hair is very dirty or oily, it the shampoo will not foam much and an additional shampooing will be required.

It is best to use lukewarm water to wash the hair. Hot water can damage the scalp and make the hair dry and brittle.

Depending on the type, the hair should be washed three or more times a week. Very dry hair can be washed twice a week. People with oily and thin hair can wash it every day but they should only use a mild shampoo for frequent use.


After shampooing, the next essential step in hair care is conditioning. Everyone should use a conditioner, but especially people with strong, dense and curly or wavy hair that gets tangled. The conditioner should match the hair type. After applying it all over the hair, especially the ends, it should sit for several minutes, before rinsing it with lukewarm water.

After rinsing, the hair should be dried with a towel and gently combed, without pulling.

Conditioning is very important. If it is omitted, the hair may look dry, dull, fizzy or damaged.

Hair masks and serums

Hair masks and serums are products that should be used once a week instead of a conditioner. They have a similar effect as the conditioner, only more intense. Different masks and serums have a different purpose. They can be designed to moisturize, nourish or repair the hair or to reduce the fizz and repair split ends. These products are particularly recommended for people who often use blow dryers, hair dye, bleach and other styling products.

Hair masks can be store-bought or they can be made at home. Natural, home-made hair masks usually consist of olive oil or mineral oils, essential oils, herbal remedies and other natural ingredients.

As for the styling, it is best if done on damp but not soaking wet hair. However, certain procedures, like straightening and curling, should only be done on dry hair, otherwise they may damage it. Blow-drying is generally not recommended, but if it is necessary, it should be done on medium heat and from an arm-length distance.

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