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Frizzy hair definitely needs some extra attention. Curly hair often becomes frizzy when the water is absorbed through the hair cuticles. This usually happens when the weather is hot and humid, since this makes it easy for hair to absorb the water in the air. However, there are a lot of products and hairstyles developed especially for frizzy hair. Most of these products work by enveloping the hair cuticles and preventing the water from being absorbed through.Anti frizz products

The best products are lightweight and do not leave a sticky feel to hair. A lot of anti-frizz serums are available in the market, and they work by smoothing the frizz, adding shine and conditioning the hair. Most of these serums contain silicone, which coats the hair and prevents absorption of moisture. Just a small amount of serum is scrunched into the wet curls, since more of it may make the hair look greasy. The serum will lock in the moisture and protect the hair from environmental effects.

Frizzy hairstyles

To get a nice natural wave hair without any frizz, one should take at random 1 to 2 inch sections of damp hair and roll them up into little balls. The balls are secured into place, and the hair is left to dry completely. When it dries, the curls should be let loose without using a brush. It is important to find a good hair stylist who knows how to cut curly hair. Curly hair needs to be cut wet, since that is the only way to see what is the actual shape of the hair. It would probably be the best to find a stylist who has curly hair herself.

To get perfect Ringlets from damp hair, start by applying a small amount of serum and gel through hair, from a mid-strand to the ends. Take small sections from the top of the head and twist them down to the ends while letting them fall. Dry the hair with a diffuser but avoid scrunching the hair. When it is almost completely dry, bend over and shake curls lose while massaging the hair at the top of the head, to get some volume.

Tips for frizzy hair

One of the best advice to people with naturally curly hair is to avoid brushing the curls. Curly hair and a brush will normally result in a frizzy mess. Instead of a brush, one should use fingers to slightly break up curls while running the fingers through the hair. The whole idea is to have tight curls that freely fall around the face.

Curly hair also needs some extra care, since it tends to be more fragile than other hair types. Letting the hair air-dry is probably the best thing one can do to minimize the breakage of the hair.

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