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Nearly everyone, especially the women worry about wrinkles. Even though it is a completely natural occurrence, the television and the magazines portray people with seemingly flawless skin. Because of this the pressure is on to stay looking young. There are three options on the market for you, they are Facelifts, Botox, and Wrinkle Creams.

Botox Injections for the Removal of Wrinkles

Botox has been around and accepted for a long time now and is not considered a new treatment anymore. There is more and more people everyday having these injections. The injections only work on the muscles that move which are called the smile lines. The Botox injections can completely remove the smile lines, any crow's feet, brow lines, creases in the forehead, and frown lines that come into view on the bridge of your nose and eyebrows. Botox really can only assist on around five percent of a person’s face. Botox is basically toxins known as neurotoxin or as botulinum. The effects of having a Botox injection can usually last on you anywhere from three to six months and each treatment will set you back around seven hundred US dollars. So if you are going with this option be aware that it is not permanent.

Face Lift Surgery for the Removal of Wrinkles

There are a variety of face lift procedures you can choose from these days. More often than not a woman over the age of forty will opt for having a deep plane facelift. This type of lift will tighten the muscles under the skin. There is also the mini face lift if you are around thirty to forty as this will work on the deep tissue around the jaw line. The other option is not as common as it was used just as a skin lift but it is good if you are particularly thin. You should not make the choice by yourself, speak to a surgeon who will talk you through the best options for you.

Wrinkle Cream Serums for the Removal of Wrinkles

There are whole arrays of anti wrinkles creams, lotions, potions and serums on the market and you need to be careful to avoid the ones that are simply scams. This does not mean to say that the ones that are the priciest are the best. With some creams the results are straight away and there are others that help you over a period of time.

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