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What are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are folds, ridges or creases of the skin which normally develop due to the process of aging. Apart from aging there are several more factors that contribute to wrinkles formation and they include exposure to sun, smoking, pollution etc. The affected skin loses elasticity and becomes loose.

Wrinkles around the lips makes a person look much older particularly if they are too deep and in greater number. They form easily comparing to wrinkles of other parts of the face. This can be easily explained by the fact that the lips (especially their outer layer) are very delicate and can be easily damaged by some of the already mentioned factors. Wrinkles around the lips are actually introductory signs of the process of aging.

How to Fight against Wrinkles around the Lips?

It is possible to prevent wrinkles. What is more it is even possible to reduce their intensity and make the skin look younger. This can be achieved by many cosmetic products and there are also more aggressive approaches such as surgery. All people suffering from wrinkles around the lips (as well as wrinkles of other locations) can benefit from several anti-aging products. The most common ingredients of such products are antioxidants, retinoid, humectants, moisturizers etc. Antioxidants help in fight against free radicals and this way prevent excessive damage to the skin and consequent formation of wrinkles. One of the most effective antioxidants used in creams against wrinkles is coenzyme Q10. Retinoids are associated with vitamin A. They can prevent formation of wrinkles and are also capable of making them look less visible. And finally, moisturizers and humectants help the skin retain sufficient amount of water thus maintain proper elasticity.

More Aggressive Approach in Getting Rid of Wrinkles around the Lips

Botox is a toxin normally produced by a special type of bacteria. Once it is injected into a muscle it restricts muscle contraction. The effects are also visible on the skin since if there is not muscle contraction there is also no wrinkling of the skin. The treatment with Botox does not last long (approximately 20 minutes) and the effects last for several months. Treatment with Botox needs to be repeated.

Furthermore, wrinkles around the lips can be treated with a laser. There are several different types of laser treatment for wrinkles. They are classified according to the type of the treated skin.

Some people may achieve desirable effects of wrinkles reduction with chemical peels. Chemicals peels cause peeling and removal of the superficial layer of the skin. At the same time they induce collagen production and restoration of the healthy appearance of the skin.

And finally, if none of the previously mentioned methods work one may undergo face lift. This surgical procedure tightens the loosen skin and makes it look much younger.

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