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What does living healthy actually mean today, in this modernage where everything is about doing things as fast as possible, as effective aspossible? No wonder that fast diets are most popular ones, those that promisewondrous weight reduction in a matter of weeks. Some would say that this is notpossible, while someone will not use anything else than fast diets. And bothparties are right in this case. This means that fast diet will definitely helpwith weight reduction, but in a process that will not only eliminate fat tissue,but water and proteins also. Sometimes this process is aided with the use of laxatives, which willflush out the wastes accumulated in colon, which also reduces weight. So, a lotof pounds will definitely be lost with this type of diet, but the real problemcomes when the diet is over. Most of the people barely survive the rules of the diet and as soon as it is over, they return to old menus. And then water returns andcolon fills up and it seems like the diet was never applied.

Eating healthy

Getting to a desired weight through fast or slow diets with the help of physical activity or without it, is just a part of the process, abeginning actually. Maintaining the desired weight is a big problem but it isalso a major part of a healthy life. No one says that junk food should beeliminated from menus, it might be taken but only from time to time and withno exaggeration, since that might ruin all! For creating a healthy meal, many expertsrecommend the use of pyramid of foods. This structure has several levels,usually three, with the base being the widest and containing many food typesthat can be consumed in large quantities (vegetables, fruits, cereals etc.).Second level includes meat, dairy products, eggs and similar food. Width ofthis level is smaller, thus telling us that food from this level must not betaken in large quantities. Final level contains food rich with fatty acids andbad sugars and should be taken minimally, if at all.


It is essential to use some products that will help inmaintaining the weight and the overall healthy state of the organism. Usually,those are various forms of herbal products and oils. Tea is one of the mostcommon herbal products used for keeping the health in check. There are alsosome herbs that are not so commonly used but do have a lot of positiveeffects, such as alfalfa sprouts. Alfalfa sprouts nutrition facts tell us thatthose who use this herb will have less toxins in the body because of antioxidants, problems with high blood pressure will be eliminated, bad cholesterolwill be reduced, and those who have ulcers in intestines can also benefit fromthis herb.

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