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While obesity is one of the major problems in theworld (due to the fact that more than a half of the total world population is obese), there arealso people who are underweight and who have the problems with gaining someextra pounds. Furthermore, many athletes, especially bodybuilders, are alsointerested in gaining weight efficiently within a short time.

The people who want to gain weight should makecertain changes in their diet and include high calorie foods in it. One shouldknow that the gaining weight with the unhealthy foods can only cause certainhealth problems. Here is important to gain the body weight while consuming healthy foods high in calories and while staying physically active.

Best foods to eat to gain weight

One can gain weight in a healthy way by consumingfoods rich in proteins, as well as healthy fats and carbohydrates. The high qualityproteins, which can be found in milk, for example, help in gaining the muscle mass and therefore, milk should be drunk after every workout. Other foods high in protein, which areequally healthy, are fish and diary products. Of meat, one who wants to gain weight should consumechicken but without the skin, rabbits and turkey. Natural weight gaining can beachieved by consuming eggs, sunflower seeds and nuts, since they are also highin protein.

Carbohydrate foods to eat to gain weight

When the carbohydrates are broken down, the glucose isobtained, which is the major source of energy for the body cells. Therefore, if wewant to have enough energy to perform all daily activities, our diet shouldinclude the carbohydrate foods. The main sources of the carbohydrates arefruits and vegetables.

Of fruits, the best are apples, papaya and oranges, as well as avocado and pineapples. On the other side, when it comes to the vegetables, oneshould consume broccoli, potatoes, spinach and tomatoes, as well as carrots andcauliflower. Bananas, dried fruits and grapes are also recommended for thosewho want to gain weight.

Fat foods to eat to gain weight

Saturated fat foods should be avoided since they mayelevate the levels of the cholesterol. On the other side, omega-3 essentialfatty acids, seeds, nuts and fish are some of the healthy fat foods. The people who want to gain weight should have 6meals a day and they should also drink a lot of water and fruit juices in orderto prevent the body dehydration.

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