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Losing weight is a process that obese people would like to beginand end in a very short time. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case; sometime is needed for a person to regain a normal weight. There are five easysteps for losing weight and if those are followed, the entire process shouldnot be so difficult.

Step one

A good plan is needed, which is why consultations with experts shouldtake place (nutritionists, doctors and fitness instructors). This is importantbecause human bodies are different, with different fat structure and muscle tofat ratio. Also, lifestyle habits differ a lot and this all requires a differentapproach to the obesity problem. Nutritionists should establish a proper dietbased on the current eating habits, weight and body structure. Fitness instructorshould come up with exercising plan which should increase in intensity with time, just as the body’s muscles develop along with cardiovascular system,while fat tissue is slowly melting away.

Step two

A person has to be psychologically prepared for dealing withthe obstacles that will come along the way. The most troublesome thing is theold lifestyle and bad eating habits. This is perhaps the toughest thing to achieve– to say goodbye to overeating and using junk food. Experts say that once thishappens, losing weight will not be a problem. People should also realize thatlosing weight might not happen as quickly as they expect. Just as those extra pounds did not attachto the body in the matter of days, they cannot leave it in some ridiculously shorttime. An obese person should arm himself or herself with patience and the result willcome, but not immediately.

Step three

Once a process starts, people should think only of the desiredgoal, although the final goal will not be reached momentarily. Therefore, it is betterto set some smaller goals, minor victories that will lead to winning theentire war. A pound a week is enough for a beginning, and in time, withincreasing the physical activity and with reducing the food more and more, a couple of pounds will be peeled of weekly, which is quite enough.

Step four

There will be obstacles, plateaus and moments of not being able to followthe rules of dieting or exercising as it is scheduled. But this should not discourage a person, because aswith other things in life, there are ups and downs and people should deal withthem. When something is eaten which is not on the menu and which is far from healthy,this does not mean that the process should stop, since it is merely postponed. Ofcourse, it is recommended to have those falls as rarely as possible.

Once the excessive weight is gone, a true job is beginning.Normal weight should be kept normal for as long as a person lives and this iswhere strength is also needed, perhaps even more than in a weight reduction process.

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