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There are a large number of people suffering from highlevels of sugar in the blood. To make things at least a little easier they can alwaysincorporated certain healthy food items into their daily diets. Those types offood are very efficient in lowering the levels of sugar in the blood so theycan be of great help for all those people who suffer from significantly highlevels of sugar in the blood.

List of Foods

Avocado is the first item on the list of foods efficient inlowering the levels of sugar in the blood. It is loaded with numerous differentnutrients such as potassium, vitamin E, proteins, vitamin C, magnesium, vitaminB3, phosphorus, vitamin B2, iron, vitamin B1, copper, niacin, folic acid,riboflavin and thiamin. The second item on the list is cinnamon.

It is anexcellent source of polyphenol and magnesium and it is very efficient inreducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and increasing the levelsof good cholesterol in the blood. Cherries are also on the list as they arevery rich in soluble fiber and they prevent diabetes, heart diseases and differenttypes of cancer. Lemons are on the list as well as they contain rutin, vitaminC and limonene, which are all of great help in lowering the glycemic index ofall other ingested meals.

The fifth item is flaxseed which is also jam packedwith numerous important nutrients, essential fatty acids and phytochemicals andbesides all that it has very powerful anti inflammatory properties. Anotherimportant item on the list of foods which lower the levels of sugar in theblood is garlic. Different types of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts,pecans, cashews, peanuts and macadamia nuts are on the list as well becausethey provide proteins and energy.

Onions can also be of great help because theycontain large amounts of flavonoids and sulfur. Another important item on thelist are the sweet potatoes. Each medium sized sweet potato contains 130calories, 26081.9 International Units of vitamin A, 3.9 grams of dietary fiber,29.51 milligrams of vitamin C, 265.2 milligrams of potassium, 18.2 microgramsof folate, 28.6 milligrams of calcium, 31.56 grams of carbohydrates, 16.9milligrams of sodium, 2.15 grams of proteins and 0.39 grams of fats.

Okra isalso on the list of the important food items. Other important items on the listof foods beneficial for those who suffer from high levels of sugar in the bloodare vinegar and water. Types of food with a glycemic index and types of foodwhich are rich in sugar and fats should be avoided.

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