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Foods for low blood pressure

In case a person seeks a way to decrease their blood pressure, they simply can’t avoid making amendments to their nutrition plan. There are some generally recognized suggestions for eating habits that are known to help decrease blood pressure. Food you consume should be poor in saturated fat and fats in general, plus low in cholesterol.

If you intend to alter your nutrition habits so as to facilitate lowering of the blood pressure, you need to opt for poorly salted food, food naturally low in cholesterol as well as rich in vitamins, and elements such as potassium and magnesium. For example, some of the foods that are high in potassium are dried grapes or raisins, different seeds, tomatoes, apricot, various dried fruits, bananas etc. People suffering from high blood pressure could really use these foods. Among the items of food rich in magnesium we have oysters, wheat, broccoli, spinach, etc.

Fruits and blood pressure

There are some fruits that could significantly help you in lowering your blood pressure. Here we have banana and grapes, since their glycemic indexes are high, as well as their levels of potassium. As we have mentioned, various dried fruits can be implemented into the nutrition plan of a person who wishes to decrease their blood pressure. Dried fruits are an excellent substitute for sweets and confectionery.

The precious fish

Eating fish will do loads of good to your blood pressure. Bear in mind that you have to do your best to avoid fish fried in oil. The best way to prepare it is to just boil it in water. The type of fish that is especially recommended is salmon. Its omega 3 acids have been proven to substantially help normalize heart function over a period of time.

Green vegetables

If you are aiming at helping yourself lower your blood pressure by making amendments to your nutrition plan, do not forget green vegetables. For example, take celery. It is a very healthy vegetable. Its special oil can help normalize blood pressure level, since it promotes smoother circulation of blood. Since it is a natural nutrient, you can expect no side effects. There is also spinach. Its property of being rich in fibers and magnesium provides invaluable assistance in decreasing the level of cholesterol.

Salt – a while killer

Salt is a dangerous substance when it comes to the blood pressure. Increased intake of salt results in the increase of blood pressure, and ultimately promotes development of heart failure or stroke. It is recommended that we take in no more than six grams of salt a day.

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