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Cream those wrinkles

Oneof and perhaps thebest way to discover which of the anti-wrinkle creams best suits your skin isto analyze that label on the back in more depth, and go through all theinformation provided by the manufacturer. The primary focal point of your investigationshould be the ingredients list, i.e. those most important components of thecream. These are considered to be antioxidant, collagen, moisturizer andsunscreen, for it is these that make one anti-wrinkle cream powerful andeffective.

A-must constituents

Given the fact thatthose most important have been listed above, let us start with one at a time.First, the sunscreen – every effective anti-wrinkle cream should consist ofsunscreen that has a minimum SPF of 15. What this means is that the protectionfrom the damaging effects of sun will be effective. Namely, UV rays areregarded as a threat for the skin because they take away from skin its moistureand make it dry. And once this occurs, it is just a matter of time when thewrinkles will also appear. This is where the sunscreen comes as a savior. Next onthe list of most important constituents is retinol, which is fortunately, an active constituent of just about any inexpensivebut result yielding anti-wrinkle cream. As for retinol itself, itrepresents a vitamin A derivative, and therefore, is regarded to belong to thecategory of antioxidants. Retinol is also vital for smoothing the skin lines. Followingthe list we come to copper peptides, which are responsible for boosting the collagen production that is known to fill up andplump the skin located underneath the wrinkles. They are also known to contributeto a great extent to the elasticity of the skin and its overall glow. Hydroxy acids – originate from the sugarfound in various kinds of fruit and are known to participate in the process ofskin exfoliation by way of dead skin cells removal and boosting of the growthof the new skin cells. Coenzyme Q10 –facilitates and enhances the production of energy in the cells of the skin andis known to have the potential to decrease the number of wrinkles appearing inthe area surrounding the person’s eyes. Teaextracts represent one of the novelties when it comes to anti-wrinkle cream ingredients. Given the fact that they abound in antioxidants, they have thepower to enhance the elasticity of the skin and boost its radiance, as well asbattle harmful free radicals and thus prevent aging of the skin and anypossible harm. Last but not the least are vitaminsand those most important are vitamin A (antioxidant properties), C (skin healing properties) and E (skin repair and protection properties).

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