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Losing weight is a process that might or might not be easyfor some people. The point is that this process needs some preparation which may bethe most important part in weight reduction. For example, if a person wants tostart a fad diet, they usually have very strict rules and allow intake of smallnumber of calories. This is a diet that might make a person quit after a coupleof days because it might prove to be hard for some. Hunger and small amount offood in each meal might be too much for some. So, this means that it might be agood thing to start with some gradual food reduction for a week or two. When aperson gets used to the regime and softens bad eating habits, a rigorous dietmay begin.


Another important thing to think about when it comes todieting is health. This means that there are some diets that might not be sogood for health. Those are usually fast diets, which offer a lot of extrapounds lost in a matter of a week or two. The problem with these diets is thatbesides fat tissue, muscle tissue is also reduced. With those diets, the energyintake is very low and that lack of energy has to be compensated. This is whatinduces fat burning process, but muscle tissue becomes destroyed, which hasto be avoided because the point of dieting is in losing fat, not muscles. It is for this reason that your weight loss program needs safety first checked and only then it canbe used.

Health II

Controlled and healthy eating is something that has to beapplied in order for a person to lose weight naturally and without any risk forthe organism. There should be 5 meals in a daily menu and each of those meals should be healthy. Fruits, veggies, cereals, whole grains, water, juices (onlythose made from squeezed fruits), fish (tuna for example), poultry, low fatmilk – this is what can be used by all those who want to eat healthy. Itis important to set the number of calories that may be taken each day. Thisvalue will greatly depend on the type of job that a person does. If there is somephysical activity involved in a job, then the number of calories can be a bithigher. Health must be maintained at all cost because that is the only wayto make your body and mind satisfied.

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