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Losing weight has always been a difficult task, especially for those that cannot get rid of bad eating habits. Actually, the main problem with weight reduction is eliminating those bad habits that are usually built over years, which is why it is really hard to change that in a matter of weeks, or even days. Still, that is something that needs to be done for a diet to work.

Diets and exercises

Diets are all about reducing the intake of calories through food, which induces the fat burning process. That process supplies the organism with the needed energy and reduces weight at the same time. It is obvious that adding physical activity will make this process even faster, because intensive exercising really needs a lot of additional energy. If a person manages to combine dieting and exercising, the results will come fast and weight will be lost.

Fast diets

There are many diets available today and it might be hard to determine what diet might have the best effect. If that is the case, nothing but trying remains. Generally, there are fast diets that last for about a week, and slower ones that could be considered as a normal, healthy eating. Fast diets, also called fad diets, are all about losing weight fast with many strict rules. It is true that these diets are effective, but it is also true that they might not be as healthy as they should. This is emphasized even more knowing the fact that those diets should not last more than a week or two, which is a clear signal that some nutrients are lacking with these diets.

One of the fast diets and recently very popular one is a master cleanse program, or diet, which is based on taking just fluids, without any solid food. It might seem a bit too drastic, and it is, but there are also good results. Since lemon juice and maple syrup are the main ingredients, there are a lot of nutrients present, but not all. This diet should not last longer than ten days, although some say it can be prolonged to two weeks. The main master cleanse recipe and directions it points us to explain to us that, with the additional use of laxative tea, this is one of the best cleansing programs available. And, since it has been advertised and promoted by several celebrities, including Beyonce, it is no wonder that this diet is becoming very popular and used all over the world.

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