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Facial exercises can help one tighten up ones facial muscles and thus make the face appear more toned. They can also help with regard to helping one rid oneself of unsightly excess fat that might appear on the face. Some people might choose cosmetic procedures such as Botox or facelifts in order to do this, but facial exercises are an easier and cheaper alternative to this. There is effectively no difference between facial exercises aimed at men and those aimed at women. They are one and the same, regardless of sex.

Chewing gum and dropping the jaw

Our first facial exercise is simple yet effective. This exercise involves, simply, chewing a wad of gum. This may sound primitive, but chewing gum can help one to work out the jaw muscles as well as the cheeks. One particularly useful aspect of this exercise is the fact that one can undertake it at any time of day, whether it be at work or while relaxing at home.

The next exercise on the list is also pretty simple. First of all, sit down with an upright back. Look straight ahead, then drop your jaw and extend it downwards as far as it will go. Stop before it becomes too uncomfortable. A soft clicking or popping might occur, but this is perfectly normal. Hold the position for about half a second. Repeat this about twenty times. Having done this, face the ceiling. Repeat the above exercise about fifteen times.Smiling and working on the cheeks

This exercise involves smiling. Simply, sit down with an upright back and stare forwards. Then, clench your teeth and smile. Try to make the smile as wide as you possibly can. Do about two sets of ten repetitions. Then, as with the jaw exercise, face upwards and repeat the procedure another ten times.

The following exercise focuses on the cheeks. Resume the same starting position as the previous exercises. Close your mouth, while at the same time clenching the teeth. Breathe in as deeply as you can and hold the air in your mouth. Move the air from one cheek to another. Try doing this for twenty repetitions.

For the final exercise, you will need to close your mouth. Having done so, pucker the lips and suck in the left cheek. Hold it in this position for half a second and then release. Do about twenty repetitions on each cheek. Finish the exercise by doing both cheeks at the same time.

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