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Back issues and solutions

Maybe not many people are aware of this, but as much as 80% of the population in the USA fall under the unpleasant influence of back pain, even if it’s just once in their entire lives. When it becomes a recurring problem, something has to be done about it.

Exercises to boost the strength of one’s back

In order for a man to be able to make his back stronger and more resilient to challenges, he has to start exercising, otherwise the weakness in this region can bring about the occurrence of quite a number of unwanted injuries and conditions as well.

Cobra – falls into the beginners’ category and is known to boost the overall strength of the abs and lower back. In addition, this exercise is quite effective when it comes to strengthening the transverse abdominis muscle that is held responsible for maintaining the spine and the lower back stable.

Front plank – also known as the modified plank, is the one exercises that works the erector spinae, as well as the transverse abdominis. Due to the fact that it represents a bit more complicated exercise than the previously mentioned one, in order to facilitate and aid the torso in remaining stable, abdominis muscles are also activated.

Cat stretch – represents a stretching exercise whose primary purpose is to lengthen the erector spinae. It is also regarded as both a yoga pose and Pilates exercise, all at once.

Lying leg exercise – is yet another in the line of exercises that will surely give additional strength to your lower back region, and is not at all that complicated. Recommendation is to do series consisting of ten repetitions.

Good mornings are done by the help of barbell. One needs to stand up and put a barbell behind the neck, holding it with both hands in a position greater than the width of one’s shoulder. Then bend at the waist in front and go back to standing position – repeat ten times.

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