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The medicine ball is normally used for strength training and rehabilitation exercises. Medicine balls are very useful, especially when used as part of a polymetric weight training program. Boxing professionals usually use medicine balls for exercises that focus on the abdomen. However, medicine balls can be used by anyone, including kids, in order to undertake a great and effective workout.


Exercises of this type are easy to learn and can produce excellent results. The use of medicine balls can help greatly with regard to building muscle strength and fitness. They can also help kids with regard to heightening motor skills and bone strength. Exercises with the medicine ball focus on building up core strength, which can lead to stability throughout the body. The core is the center of strength for the whole body. These medicine ball exercises can prove very beneficial to kids in particular.Exercises

For the squat exercise, stand upright with the legs spread at an equidistance. Hold the ball in both hands and extend the arms in front of you. Then, lower your upper body until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Retain the pose for up to five seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Figure of eight exercise

For the figure of eight exercise, extend the arms over the right shoulder while holding the medicine ball. Having done this, bring the ball down towards the opposite leg. Bending of the knees is required for this exercise. Switch sides and do this exercise for about fifteen minutes.

Kneeling push up

One can also perform a kneeling push up with a medicine ball. Sit on your knees with the back in an upright position. Hold the ball in front of the chest. Then, fall forward and throw the ball to a partner. The partner should be standing at least four meters away. As you fall, catch yourself with the hands placed on the ground. Push yourself upwards after catching yourself with the hands and repeat the steps.

Standing Russian twist

A standing Russian twist requires one to stand with the feet placed shoulder width apart. Hold the ball at about the level of your waist behind one hip. Then, swing the ball around to behind the opposite hip. Repeat the moves on each side. Remember to keep the abdominal muscles tight as you perform this movement.

These exercises are straight forward and can be done by anyone. However, remember to warm up and cool down during each exercise session.

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