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We must admit that our facial muscles are neglected without a good reason. There are many popular body exercises, but we rarely hear something about exercises for the facial muscles. We decided to inform you about these exercises so that you could be aware of their importance.

About facial muscles

Unlike other muscles, the muscles on the face are firmly connected with the skin and that is why they are extremely important for our looks and for expressing and conveying feelings. As the age go by, these muscles become less flexible and elastic, and without exercises, they tend to lose their strength. These are the main reasons why our skin has the tendency to hang down during the old age. In order to prevent this, we have the choice to do exercises for facial muscles, since they will improve the blood circulation and facial muscles will be much more relaxed. You will look much better because of the improved muscle tone and you won't be troubled with wrinkles.

Facial muscle exercises

There are different exercises for each area of our face, so we distinguish exercises for our forehead, lips, eyes and other parts of the face. At the beginning, we will present you an exercise for the forehead. In this exercise, you should put your fingers above the eyes pressing the skin downward, while at the same time you are trying to raise eyebrows. You should do this exercise ten times per day so that you could see the results. The next exercise will improve the tone of the muscles on your lips. This is an exercise that is very easy to perform. You should draw one finger into your mouth using your tongue and lips to produce vacuum. After that, stop sucking the finger and gently pull it out. You lips will be very attractive after performing this exercise for some time.

You can take care of your muscle around the eyes by closing eyes and relaxing, and with eyes closed look upward and downward. This exercise should be repeated 10 to 15 times. You can also close your eyes while sitting and move your eyebrows upward while keeping your eyelids down as much as you can. It is important for your eyes to be closed while you are doing this exercise, which lasts about 10 seconds and should be repeated 10 times. Try to smile as hard as possible, put 3 fingers on the cheeks and press downward. This exercise will help you improve your muscle tone on the cheeks, as these muscles are the first ones that become saggy. There are a lot of exercises that can help your facial muscles and they are not hard to perform. You can do them almost anywhere and anytime.

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