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A Common Mishap in Runners

We walk quite a distance during ourlifetime. This process is not easy on our body, especially legs, feetand ankles. In fact, every time we walk, let alone run, our feetendure a shock which, in the long run, may cause damage. Thus, oncewe get older, the effects of our running lives get exposed throughankle and joint injuries and deterioration of these parts in general.With some people, like athletes and others, who indulge into runningfrequently, these ankle problems come earlier than with other people.So, they get injured much more and much more often. Even though theseinjuries are not serious and take place mainly due to overuse ofankles and joints, they are still a cause for concern. Subsequently,something needs to be done in order to protect these important bodyparts, if we are to continue our healthy running habits. There areseveral exercises which can help you strengthen the body parts inquestion, making you less prone to the injuries mentioned above,while also preventing joint and ankle problems during old age.

The Cure – The Exercises

The first exercise of this typeinvolves standing on a stair or a similar platform. When you do this,make sure that only the balls of your feet are supporting you,leaving your heels in the air. Then, lift your heels up, hold themfor several seconds and lower them into the initial position. Repeatseveral times but do not overdo it. Also, once you get in shape, youmight place one of your legs onto the other, while raising the heelon the remaining one. This way, you will provide more weight to yourankles, resulting in better exercising.

Secondly, you may try sitting on achair with your feet on the ground. After doing this, try and raiseyour heels, holding them for several seconds and returning into theinitial position. Ten repetitions will suffice.

Also, you might consider placing a bandmade of rubber around the upper part of your feet. Then, whilekeeping your heels immobile, stretch the band using the upper feet ofyours. Repeat twenty times.

In order to protect yourself frommuscle or ankle strains, stand on a pillow. Once you do this, liftone of your legs and grab it while balancing the rest of your bodywith the single leg left on the pillow. Hold this position for 10seconds before swapping the legs.

Finally, make sure you wear propershoes and avoid hard terrains. Running is best to be performed onearthy terrains or grass since there, you share the impact with theground, relieving your legs, and feet of it.

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