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Itis possible for a person to feel a bit more low on energy and exhausted, as well as sluggish, after having finished a meal. Given the fact that many peopleare convinced that this happens due to having eaten maybe too much, thisoccurrence is something that definitely needs to be paid attention to. Alsothis is accompanied by a mild feeling of guilt, since people tend to think thatthey should be blamed for setting on this, which is not the right approach. Incase, this takes place once or twice after having a meal, then this is the rightthing to think. But in case this becomes a regular occurrence, then a person inquestion should seriously consider looking into the matter more seriously andin depth.


Thisspecific condition is frequently followed by a number of manifestations that cause various disorders inside a person’s body. Considered to be one of themost common culprits is, of course, overeating. Other more serious in natureinvolve the following:

Disorderscardiovascular in nature – the feeling of excessive exhaustion after a personhas finished the meal is considered to be one of the many signs of the presenceof some particular kind of a heart disease. Once the heart loses the ability tosend proper amounts of blood to the stomach and intestines, occurrence ofexcessive fatigue post-meal is a must.Renaldisorders – in case a person is suffering from some specific type of disease ofthe kidneys, then every meal will inevitably be followed by intense feeling offatigue.Medications are also one of the possible culprits, particularly such medications belonging tothe group of diuretics and those used to control blood pressure, because they have thepotential to bring about post-meal exhaustion.Thyroiddisorders – any kind of thyroid gland inflammation is one of the mostsymptomatic causes of post-meal excessive fatigue. Also improper production ofthe hormone thyroxine (i.e. hyperthyroidism) is regarded as the culprit for theoccurrence of this fatigue related condition.

Thiscommon causers group is also complemented by the following culprits –depression, excessive stress, high blood pressure levels, anemia, variousallergies, dystrophy (muscular), Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, insomnia,fibromyalgia, traumas (mental/physical), multiple sclerosis and addiction todrugs.


Ifyou do not experience any additional health problems and are not under theinfluence of any disease chronic in nature, then the best possible way to avoidthe occurrence of post-meal exhaustion is to bring some changes into your dietby introducing more of lighter food such as salads, vegetables and variousfruits.

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