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Exhaustion and fatigue are two physicalconditions which often go together, gradually following each other,fatigue taking place first. Namely, these phenomena are expected ifthey are preceded by reasonable action like being exposed to mentalstress by meeting deadlines or working overtime in your office. Also,you are bound to feel fatigue and exhaustion after running, workingor indulging into any kind of a demanding physical work. However, ifyou fell these two physical and mental states even though you havenot been engaging yourself either physically or mentally, there mightbe room for worry since exhaustion and fatigue in these cases, mighthave a more serious, underlying causes.

Manifestations of Exhaustion andFatigue

Upon being troubled by exhaustion andfatigue heavily, for no reason you can think of at the time, you arebound to feel a significant decrease in your quality of living. Firstof all, you will notice how daily living seems to be harder, evenunbearable, from the very moment you have to put extreme effort intowaking up, over the working day you can only endure through coffeeand other stimulants, back to the fact that, even though your workingperformance was all time low, you still feel demolished by your dailygrind. In such a state, you are constantly feeling extremely tiredand powerless in this respect, dragging yourself through the day,without being motivated, cheerful, let alone productive, in both yourwork and life spheres. Here, in this state of mind, you cannot takeany hobbies since you feel no desires. Moreover, even your sex driveis absent and an obvious decrease is noticeable clearly. Finally, youare likely to feel demoralized and nervous, easily irritated andalways dead tired, again, for no apparent reasons.

What Are the Reasons Then?

One group of possible culprits involvesphysical causes. Namely, obesity, usually going hand-in-hand with anunhealthy diet and a lack of physical activity is one of the maincauses of fatigue and exhaustion. Additionally, lifestyle issues likefrequent indulgence into alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, medications orother harmful substances are bound to suck all life out of you in thelong run. Also, pollution, fast food consumption and excessivephysical and mental strain, all can lead to fatigue and exhaustiontoo.

As for mental causes, logically,stress, anxiety, depression, along with worries, boredom or insomnia,all can lead to this desperate physical and mental state this articleis about. Hormonal changes, worries of many sorts, deficiency in bodynutrients, especially potassium and sodium or any underlying diseaseslike cancer or infections, usually cause the previously mentionedlist of symptoms.

Numerous things can make us lose ourgrip on life. Divorces, children problems, seasonal changes and manyother things can all take us by surprise, resulting in our exhaustionand fatigue, due to our inability to cope with these problems timely.What we need to do is take good care of our diet, physical fitnessand activity, along with our lifestyle in general, removing all theabove mentioned negative factors. Also, we need to drink sufficientamounts of water. Only by changing what is bad about ourselves can wechange the effect of these factors on our life – exhaustion andfatigue.

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