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It is quite a common thing that, when a person has dark circles and bags underneath the eyes, people start to inquire immediately about that person’s health. One of the reasons behind this is that, more than other parts of the body, eyes do tell a whole lot about a person and the condition that the person in question is. For example, in case a person has puffy eyes, s/he is going to have a very tired, exhausted, and dull appearance. While the above mentioned dark circles can be encountered in people of just about any age, the puffy eyes and the bags underneath the eyes are more frequent in older people. Thus in case a person does have puffy eyes, this will contribute to an even greater extent to his/her aged appearance.

Under the microscope

The area between a person’s eyeball and the bone of the person’s eye is reserved for the layer of fat, on which the eyeball itself is placed. When a person is young, the above mentioned layer is held firmly by the skin of the eyelid and the surrounding muscles, but as a person grows older, the muscles tend to lose its firmness and loosen to a great extent, thus pushing outwards of the layer of fat in question. This is exactly the main reason why there occur sacks, or bags, underneath the person’s eyes. Tiredness, which befalls the eyes quite often in the course of the day, is thought to be the main culprit and cause for the occurrence of the circles underneath the eyes, as well as the puffy eye,s and direct culprits for the occurrence of excessive fatigue are such conditions as sleep deprivation, excessive stress and also excessive crying, overdoing it with alcohol etc. Other common causers are also various medications and a great number of allergies, especially, when puffy eyes are in question.


Fortunately, with the advancement of medicine and surgery as well, today it is possible to undergo a surgical procedure and get rid of those dark circles and pouches once and for all. The procedures in question are also extremely effective in decreasing the effects of the puffiness, as well as the puffiness itself. One such, quite commonly employed procedure, is the blepharoplasty aimed at eliminating the pouches and dark circles.

Given the fact that neither of these two “conditions” affecting our eyes is by nature dangerous, nor does it cause any damage to the eye itself, a great number of people undergo the surgical procedures mentioned above purely out of cosmetic reasons. One reason is that such procedures have more benefits and deal with the problem more effectively and in the shortest possible period of time, just like the laser assisted surgery for example – no harm is brought to the muscles of the eyelid, no visible incision, blood vessels cut during the procedure are sealed, and there is much less bleeding present.

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