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Cough - facts

Everybody is familiar with this, rather, awkward health-threatening condition and with how much trouble it can cause to a person who has fallen under its influence. From a more technical point of view, cough is regarded as an abrupt, repetitive, spasm like contraction of the chest cavity. The consequence of this is a rather intensive and forceful air release from our lungs, which is in most cases followed by a specific sound. The primary cause of cough occurrence is the fact that this is one of the ways that our body employs when attempting to clear our lungs from the excessive quantities of phlegm, which hinders our breathing. Another common cause of coughing is when a piece of food mistakenly goes into the trachea instead into the esophagus. In cases when a person, who otherwise has a normal regular chest X-ray, is not a smoker, then the chronic cough occurs mostly because of asthma, reflux or even post-nasal drip. Among other most frequent culprits of chronic cough we find the following – various drugs and medications such as ACE inhibitors and conditions such as chronic bronchitis. Aside from these, there exist numerous other cough initiators, which are of different nature, and they include various pollutants found in our surrounding environment, for example smog, dust and cigarette smoke. Those that smoke should be aware that nicotine is the main culprit that causes cough, and it does so by paralyzing the cilias (i.e. nose hairs), which are responsible for regular ejection of the mucus from our respiratory system.

Home Treatment

In case you are more in favor of alternative ways of treatment, then the following will prove to be most beneficial in warding off that unpleasant cough.

A good way to fight off cough is by taking in a tea spoon of pure and unrefined honey, mixed with a pinch of pepper (white one), and do this at least two or three times per day for four to five days. When this period has passed, so should your cough too. Combination of honey with white peppers counterpart, i.e. black pepper, is extremely effective in loosening the mucous and initiating its ejection by means of spitting the mucous out and emptying the trachea.Cough originating from a cold or flu is best treated with ginger tea (should be drunk three to four times a day at least) or by simply eating ginger in its raw form.Honey suckle, red raspberry or ice tea made of liquor with honey present yet another extremely effective way of fighting of that incessant cough in no more than two to three days.

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