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“Painy” Hips

Even though many people would not put this type of pain on any frequent-pain list, pain in the hip and nearby area is a fairly frequent occurrence in people. In most cases it is of a tricky nature and thus its causes cannot be easily recognized. As we all know, the proper diagnosing and categorization of the symptoms is of utmost importance for treating any condition, or a disease.

Common Causes of Hips Pain

Even though the nature of this condition makes it a bit difficult to pinpoint the exact culprits for its occurrence, there exist some common denominators.

Arthritis falls into the category of those most often reported culprits lying at the bottom of hip pain. Fortunately, there exist a lot of treatment methods when this more serious condition is in question. In case all conventional treatment techniques do prove to be ineffective, then a person should consider a surgical procedure and the replacement of a hip that suffers. Trochanteric Bursitis is considered to be a very frequent culprit, not only for the occurrence of hip pain, but also for causing inflammation of the bursa, on the outer side of the hip. Tendonitis, aside from the fact that it is frequently occurring, can also appear and take over just about any tendon situated around the joint of the person’s hip. Among different types of this condition, the one considered to be the most frequent in occurrence is the so-called Iliotibial Band Tendonitis (or IT band for short). Osteonecrosis is initiated by the hindrance or stoppage of the blood flow to one of the areas of the bone. In case insufficient quantity of blood does reach the bone, cells situated there are in grave danger and can easily die out, which would leave a bone in question unable of sustaining itself and most likely to break, or even “fall apart.” Lumbar Pain. There is just an extremely great number of issues that can cause unpleasant symptoms in the hip and buttocks area of a person’s body. Among those most frequently occurring and causing pain in the area of the hip are such as sciatica and herniated discs. Among other common causers of hip pain are muscle strains, fractures in the hip region and the hip itself, fractures caused by stress, developmential dysplasia, etc.

Treatment Methods

The best way to treat this specific type of pain is by pinpointing the underlying cause first and foremost, and then to have plenty or rest until the pain loosens up or goes away completely. It is advisable to use ice and heat facings (e.g. ice packs, or heat pads), physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medicines therapy.

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