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Rumble and tumble

For all those who have been wondering what all the racket inside the stomach could stand for, excluding the hunger-aroused craves straight away, the scientific term marks it as 'borborygmus'. What actually takes place in the course of this condition is that the gas and the air begin their motion through the intestinal tract, making that incessant and unpleasant rumbling sound on the way. The most frequent period of the day this tends to occur is, of course, after the person has finished his/her meal. To make the entire matter a bit more interesting, all the afore-described is quite often followed by abdominal bloating and distension, as well as burping and passing of the flatus.

Factors and causers to be blamed

As a matter of fact, these noises are regarded as a quite common occurrence and a part of the digestion process that takes place on a regular basis inside the person's body. As is already known to many, one of the roles of the digestive system is to produce a hormone which is responsible for controlling both hunger and appetite, and the secretion takes place once the person in question has 'abstained' from food for a specific (longer) period of time. As a direct consequence of this, there occurs the triggering of the hypothalamus, which then fires away a message to the stomach and the intestines, informing them of hunger. The moment this happens, muscles in these organs begin to contract, releasing acids, as well as digestive fluids, which is also accompanied by rumbling sounds.

In addition to such a case scenario, these strange and awkward sounds are known to also appear once the meal is over and done with. When this happens, it means that, until that moment, the food was not yet detected by the person's digestive system because the stomach has not received a notification from the brain since the person in question does not feel the craves just yet. What's more, rumbles are also known to occur in case there is incomplete digestion of food. What this brings about is the occurrence of too much gas in one's intestine.

Yet another quite common reason is the presence of the irritable bowel syndrome. This is quite often accompanied by abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. Perhaps the most unpleasant causers of rumbles are ulcers and hyperacidity related issues and complications. The main reason is that the acid itself initiates the production of gas, which is known to induce the unpleasant sounds in question.

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