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The other way around

Today, what we hear much more often is that people attempt to get rid of the excessive weight, which troubles them incessantly and on daily basis, as opposed to the attempts of individuals to gain weight. But, the fact that this is not regarded as a common occurrence among the people today, which only indicates that the population is getting bigger day in and day out, does not make this issue less important. As a matter of fact, those people who seek to add on some weight are experiencing the same kind of troubles as those seeking to shed excessive weight, the only difference being that they are on the different sides of the “pole”.

As certain people are naturally “predestined” to be a bit heavier, so are others predestined to be much lighter. This is actually not that troubling since it does not affect the person’s overall health, for it is something regarded as a natural predisposition. However, numerous diseases, illnesses and disorders that are chronic in nature can also cause overt slimness, and these are quite dangerous to one’s overall health. Furthermore, a number of indirectly related ailments, such as weakening of the bones due to the lack of essential nutrients, which results in numerous difficulties, especially in movement and walking, can affect an individual who is experiencing such weight-related issues. Exactly for this reason, and similar ones, one should strive to maintain the healthiest weight that perfectly suits his/her body structure.

Get plump

If you are one of those individuals who is having hard time with putting on extra weight, you should not despair or give up on everything, for there exist certain ways that can facilitate unobtrusive weight gain. All one has to do is be persistent and patient. The onset is quite an important phase. Namely, at the beginning, one should realize that in order to gain weight, s/he has to increase calorie intake, so as to supersede the amount of those that the body burns. The best way is by means of various healthy foods and beverages. Advice is to bring some changes into your diet routine in the way that your day will be enriched with six meals, namely 3 smaller and three bigger. Important as well is the pause taking, i.e. each meal should be followed by a three-hour pause, in order to digest the food properly.

Breakfast– whole toast, granola, nuts, fruits (whole ones) make up an excellent kick offto the day.Lunch - whole grain breads, crackers, tunafish in oil, tomatoes, olives, fresh salad.Dinner can resemble lunch and can be complemented by a desert in the form of a fruit yogurt, for example.

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