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When it comes to the condition in question, or an infection more precisely, it has been long regarded as the one commonly occurring only in women. It has become more than evident that men can suffer from it as well.
Infection – Background and Causes
This infection, more commonly known as candidiasis, belongs to the group of infections fungal in nature. The main cause is regarded to be an outbreak of a fungus that is already present in the body of every human being. Under normal circumstances, this fungus is dormant and is well controlled by bacteria that are also present in the person’s body. Once these bacteria disappear, along with them disappears the defense system and the infections start to spread rapidly. Among the most evident and frequent side effects are such as various skin infections and similar health issues. When it comes to the male population, the target areas include arm pits and groins. At the forefront of most frequent causers of this infection is the neglecting of the personal hygiene. Others include taking antibiotics for longer period of time. Also, those men who suffer from diabetes are at a much greater risk than others of coming down with this yeast infection.
When it comes to the areas being most often affected, it has to be emphasized that just about any body part is susceptible to a fungal infection. The most frequently contaminated area is considered to be the mouth area, with special emphasis on the mouth, i.e. the oral infection. The most common manifestations include such as skin infections of various kinds, oral infections as well as intestinal and penile infections.
Symptoms oral in nature – (i.e. oral thrush) In case a person is suffering from this variety, also known as the oral thrush, he will experience difficulty and pain while chewing and swallowing. The wounds themselves appear mostly on the surface of the person’s tongue, side of the mouth, upper palate, making the skin covering the inside of the mouth extremely sensitive. Skin (candida) symptoms – when having this type of candida in mind, most frequent manifestations in men include the following: excessive skin irritation and inflammation, especially in the pelvic region, areas surrounding the jock strap, also skin folds and already mentioned arm pits. The pores (red in color and swollen) occur one next to the other and give the skin a rather scaly outlook. Intestinal symptoms occur in the digestive track, causing excessive pain in the region of the abdomen. Other fairly frequent symptoms include constipation, as well as spasms in the stomach of a person in question, as well as sudden excessive fatigue and bloating. Penile symptoms – even though it may have a fairly dismal sound to it, this type of infection can be also fairly easily cured. Under infection the head of the penis tends to redden and become sore, followed by the occurrence of sores in the form of blisters, as well as a whitish in color discharge and burning every time a person urinates.

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