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Infant runny nose

Tough to deal with

Though it may not appear as a rather difficult thing to do, bringing relief to your baby while it is having trouble with the runny nose is not an easy thing to do. As a matter of fact, running nose can initiate numerous and more unpleasant conditions for the baby such as congestion, which can additionally affect their crankiness and irritation in a negative manner and thus only intensify them. Still, this condition is considered to be a fairly frequent occurrence when infants are in question, and is regarded as a direct manifestation of either a common cold, or a specific kind of an allergy. The condition in question is a direct consequence of the excessive fluid build up inside the baby’s nasal cavity, i.e. its nose, which is responsible for causing congestion inside the tissues, as well as blood vessels situated in the nose. The official term for this condition, as used in medicine, is Rhinorrhea (“discharge of the nose”).

Common culprits

There are two specific causers of this specific conditions in infants, and those are cold or viral infection, and various allergies – hay fever most of all. What the presence of such bacteria and virus brings about is the increased secretion of mucus and fluids from the nasal cavity. Other common culprits include substances having a rather strong odor, environmental allergens such as pollen and common dust, as well as flu and sinus related infections.

Most common manifestations

This condition is in most cases followed by various different manifestation such as sneezing and intensive cough. In case at the bottom there lies common cold, this can be accompanied by light fever as well. When taking allergies in consideration, they are held responsible for the initiation of sneezing, occurrence of the discharge that is watery in nature from the eyes, as well as redness of eyes. As for the children suffering from flu, cough and fever together are considered to be the main manifestations, and are often accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting.

Treatment methods

In order to treat this condition with success, in most cases employed are such medications as antihistamines, because they have the ability to decrease the nasal discharge, alongside with the nasal sprays. But, before resorting to this, visiting a physician is a must. Among other simple and yet effective remedies are such as saline water, employment of a room humidifier and alike, which will make sure that there is enough fresh air for the baby.

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