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Theoccurrence of skin of darker shades falls into the group of those more commonconditions, under the influence of which many people tend to fall. One of the mostcommon reasons for the occurrence of this is the fact that a person disregards the neck area while washingother parts of the body. This is also due to the factthat all the washing routines with which we treat our face often miss our neckand the neck area. And because of this, there is no dead skin cells exfoliationon this part of the body. Also, there occurs the piling up of sweat and dirt, giving our neck darker outlook. Another common culprit for the darkening of theneck skin is, of course, sun exposure and specifically in the case when a personforgets to apply sun screen on the neck. Next in line of common culprits is thebuilding up of the greater amounts of fat, which causes the appearance of adouble chin, and consequently, darker skin covering the neck. However, this isnot one of those conditions that require a person to worry about it constantlyand incessantly. All you have to do is be more responsible when it comes toyour hygiene. This means a person should at all times make sure that the neckarea is spick and span, as well as moist, in order to avoid the piling up ofdirt and other unpleasant substances from the surrounding environment. In caseyou notice the presence of rings, flakes and itching spots, as well asirritation and redness, you should not hesitate in paying a visit to yourdermatologist as soon as possible. He/she will then determine what is the mostproper treatment technique that you should employ.

MostCommon Culprits

Whenit comes to the causers of this particular skin condition, dermatologists havesingled out a couple of those that are regarded as the most frequentlyoccurring ones. Those are the following:

Acanthosis Nigricans is a condition that is recognized by the occurrence of thick, dark and velvety skin patches on the neck and the surrounding area. The condition in question is also frequently accompanied by rise in the levels of insulin – obesity and type 2 diabetes.Hormonal Imbalance is in some cases responsible for the additional production of melanin, which is a pigment responsible for making our skin darker in color. Present are also hyperpigmentation and patches extremely dark in color.Amongother most frequent culprits are also eczema, various fungal infections andsunburns.


Thebest way to avoid this condition is to give your best at keeping your hygiene ona high level, as well as to apply regularly skin moisturizers, cleansingsolutions and toners.

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