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It is not an uncommon practice at all for people to complain of sweating in excess, but at nighttime. What has a recent research study that included 2267 patients revealed is that 41% of those paying regular visits to the care physician complained of sweating at night and did so in the course of the month before the one in which they were included in the study. This makes it pretty much evident that this problem is actually not so naive as many would think, nor is it the one that occurs once in a blue moon either.

Most common culprits

Some of the possible reasons for the occurrence of night sweats are, at a first glance harmless circumstances, but also specific diseases and illnesses severe in nature. For example, in case when a bedroom is too hot, or, if a person is fond of more than one bedspread, these can also be held guilty of causing a person in question to sweat in excess during a night’s sleep. As one of the techniques to differentiate among the sweats that are medical in nature and those that occur merely as a consequence of making your sleep environment too hot, doctors have the tendency to regard and term the genuine night sweats as severe hot flashes that have little or nothing to do with a too hot an environment. One important thing that should also be born in mind is that often the condition that is referred to as flushing or redness of the face and the trunk followed by warmth, can be quite often taken by mistake for true night sweats. As probably guessed, there are quite a lot of culprits that can bring about this unpleasant condition. Those considered to be the most frequent ones are the following:

Menopause – hot flashes that follow the menopausal transition do tend to occur at night as well and induce excessive sweating, which is regarded as one of the most frequent culprits for night time sweating in women who are in or just about to enter the menopause Idiopathic hyperhidrosis – is also known as a state in which our body tends to produce excessive sweat with no apparent cause whatsoever Infections – when it comes to them, the one considered as the most symptomatic and sweat inducing is tuberculosis. Aside from this illness, others that are regarded as main causers are also various bacterial infections – endocarditis (i.e. heart valve inflammation), osteomyelitis (inflammation of the inner parts of the bones), AIDS virus (i.e. HIV) infection.

Other severe illnesses that tend to cause excessive sweating are also such as the cancer, as well as various medications, hypoglycemia, hormonal disorders and various neurological conditions.

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