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When liver and itsmechanisms become clogged and overloaded resulting in malfunction of thefiltering and detoxification units, what occurs then in our blood stream is thepiling up of inanimate cells and various bacteria. As a direct consequence ofthis, our immune system becomes loaded beyond its capacity and thus variousdisorders in its functioning occur. Furthermore this has other negative consequencesfor our body and might initiate various types of allergic reactions,inflammations, swellings (most often of the glands), acute fatigue and evendiseases autoimmune in nature, as well as fibromyalgia. Improperfunctioning of our immune system is slowly becoming something fairly common,given the fact that the environment we live in is packed with chemicals andtheir influences. This is further only made worse by the lack of nutrientscaused by adhering to the diets extremely high in fat, and processed food ontop of it all. One of the methods used for treating our immune system isby means of suppressive medications.


Modern medicaltreatments are the first that we turn to when having in mind the condition ofleaky gut syndrome and the best possible ways of treating it with success. Likeevery condition, this one is followed by particular symptoms, and the good newsis that for each type there exists a specific medication. For pain, excessivebleeding and various inflammations, NSAID are employed as well ascorticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs and anti-histamines. Unfortunately,all these medications provide just a short-term relief and, furthermore, ifused for a longer period of time they will not only fail in ameliorating allthe symptoms but ultimately worsen and make it even more severe and to acertain extent even be the main culprits for some of the present symptoms.

For this reason,probably the best and the only medications that can ease and ameliorate alasting condition such as this one, as well as restore a person to good health,are no other but natural medicines. However, in order for this method to beefficient and give satisfying results, it is essential to pinpoint at theoutset of a therapy the exact time and the cause of this condition. Anotherpositive side of natural medicines is that they actually stimulate patients todistance themselves and end the medication addiction, because it is suchmedications as mentioned above that are actually to blame for the occurrence ofadditional symptoms and worsening of this condition. In return peoplesuffering from this syndrome are to fully embrace the natural treatment. Thisway they will not only detoxicate their body, but will boost and bring back theenergy to their immune system, which will in turn ward of this unwantedcondition and restore them to their previous health.

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