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General facts and overview

When it comes to those most frequently occurring problems and conditions, which at one point or another occur in just about everybody, chest tightness and shortness of breath certainly fall into this category. Upon careful analysis, it has been discovered that the afore mentioned conditions most often occur after having a more “demanding” meal and in case a person is not eating when he/she should, i.e. missing the meal. Given the nature of these two conditions, by now everybody has guessed what the possible “treatment” methods should be include. What is needed, first of all, is for a person suffering from the two conditions to bring in certain changes to his/her diet habits, then eat that very same food in a proper manner, as well as in proper times of the day. On the other hand, there also exist certain conditions medical in nature, as well as illnesses which also tend to initiate tightening in the chest once the meal is over.

Most common culprits

The most frequent causers are plentiful and they are as follows:

Acid reflux – is considered to be among those most frequent guilty parties for the initiation of the sensation of tightness in chest in an affected person. As many people are familiar, this occurs moments after a person in question has finished the meal. As for the acid reflux, it can be regarded as the synonym for acidity itself, and is in a direct relation with the stomach acid. Given the fact that acid reflux does not occur on its own, its main causes that also lead to the occurrence of the tightness in the person’s chest after a meal are the following: improper meal timing, consuming food rich in fats, overdoing it with the cigarettes and alcohol, obesity, improper functioning of the digestive system, skipping meals, pregnancy etc.Dyspepsia – is commonly referred to as indigestion and it also belongs to the group of the most common culprits. This condition occurs as a direct consequence of the factors and conditions such as ulcers, bloating, stomach inflammations, vomiting, upset stomach, nausea, burping, heartburn, GERD, and cancer.Excessive eating – this happens quite a lot since people tend to disregard the amounts of food they take in during the day and fail to consult their stomach upon the entire matter, and they do not pay any attention to its rumblings and complaints. Thus it is no wonder that overeating is also one of the reasons lying at the bottom of chest tightness.

Steps to take

More smaller meals before three big ones for example,Consume less liquids during the meal,Wear less tight clothes at the time of the meal, since tightness can be also caused if a person constricts his/her normal breathing this way.

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