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People who desire strong, wide and attractive shoulders would be pleased to know that there are easy ways of obtaining those. Namely, there is a set of certain exercises which work best for shoulders, since their main emphasis is solely on the shoulder muscles. Therefore, one should get informed, pay special attention making sure he or she does the exercises right and, finally, benefit from all there is to be gained once a perfect pair of shoulders find themselves right on his or her own body. However, be careful not to mix these exercises with some others involving your upper body. Rather, in order not to get your muscles over-strained, you need to take a break several days after finishing these shoulder-based exercises.

The Exercises

First and foremost, there is the behind the neck press exercise. Before starting with this one, bear in mind that, if you have certain shoulder issues you should not be doing it since you will be exposing yourself to further injury. This exercise is performed while sitting, although you may do it in a standing position. It is best to have a person around you to help if possible complications occur. Namely, while sitting straight your assistant is to give you a barbell while you have your hands raised. Afterwards, you are to slowly lower the barbell behind your neck, just above the shoulders. At this point, you are to wait several seconds before returning the barbell to its previous position. This constitutes one behind the neck press. Nevertheless, you may modify the exercise to suit your needs more, or choose from several other similar alternatives.

Secondly, there comes the dumbbell y press. Namely, this exercise is excellent for all people wanting strong shoulders. It involves holding one dumbbell in each hand while standing up. The initial arm position is bent upwards and close to your body. Afterwards, you spread your hand so as to form a “Y” body shape while still holding the dumbbells. Slowly returning to the initial position makes one dumbbell y press done. Again, you may modify this exercise to suit your further needs as well.

Finally, you can perform the barbell upright rows. This exercise should be done carefully since it is not quite an easy one. Namely, you are to pick up a barbell and hold it next to your body while standing up straight. Your palms are to be facing your body when you grab the barbell. Then, making sure the barbell is close to your body at all times and your hands are separated at the width of your shoulders, you are to pull up the barbell all the way up to under your chin. Your back should be straight and your posture correct. After a short pause, slowly lower the barbell to its initial position.

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