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In human anatomy, spine is very important part of the body. Having a strong and healthy spine is very important for overall health. Healthy spine is not only important for a good posture and stability, but it also provides many benefits for nervous system. The spine houses and protects the spinal cord in its spinal canal, which is a long, thin, tubular bundle of nervous tissue and support cells that extends from the brain. The best way to keep the spine healthy and remain pain-free is to start a simple daily exercise program that increases the flexibility and strengthens the muscles that support the spine. However, it is important to check with doctor or chiropractic before starting any exercise program.


It is important to warm up the body before starting with the exercise and to prepare it for the effort. A warm-up session can include a couple of nice stretches, a light walk, dancing or cleaning around the house.

The Press Up

This is one of the simplest but very effective exercises for the spine that helps to build flexibility. It starts from a pushup position, with palms flat on the floor and slightly more than a shoulder-width apart. In this position, the back should bend as if a person is doing a standing back bend. The lower back remains relaxed.

Simple crunches

This exercise is great for the cervical spine and making the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and upper back strong and flexible. The arms are crossed in front, and the knees are bent while the feet are flat on the floor. The goal of the exercise is to lift the upper back off the floor and slightly lower down. While keeping the stomach strong, repeat the series for about 10 times.

Bridge Pose

This is a nice and relatively easy exercise that provides a deep spinal enlivenment. The exercise starts with lying on the stomach with body propped on the elbows. It is important to focus on a horizontal posture move and come up on the toes while keeping the neck in line with the spine. The abdominal muscles should stay tight to prevent any injuries. One should stay in this pose for at least 10 seconds before relaxing and coming down to the floor.

Exercise Balls

These balls provide fun and effective training, but they can also be used for sitting. Sitting on the ball demands to hold a straight posture and continuously works the muscles without any effort. An exercise on the ball is performed by sitting on the ball and walking it away so that the lower back is resting on it. One can easily do up to 10 crunches, while supporting the back with a ball.

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