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Pinched Nerve Condition

Sometimes, due to various differentcauses, mostly triggered by tendon compression, the nerves in someparts of our body get trapped, pushed, contracted or stretched. Thiscauses pain and discomfort, through numerous different symptoms. Someof them are the “pins and needles” sensation or numbness of thelimb having a pinched nerve in its joint. Nevertheless, there areexercises able to remove the compression off the nerve, enabling itto function correctly, disabling all of the troublesome symptoms ofthis condition.

Exercises for Relieving a Pinched Nerve

First and foremost, a persons strongand fully functional heart is the best key to preventing thesesituations from occurring. A strong heart causes fast blood flowwhich delivers sufficient blood to the muscles, removingpossibilities of spasms able to have our nerves pinched. Therefore,following this positive domino effect, we need to have a fast andhealthy heart in order to avoid pinched nerves. Also, if our bloodcirculation is excellent, our nerves will recover more easily, havingbeen pinched beforehand. That is why the following exercisesemphasize such methods.

Exercises for a Pinched Nerve in theBack

First of all, in order to relieveyourself of back pain caused by a pinched nerve, you are to standstraight, making sure your posture is correct. Then, with your handsresting on your hips, move your upper body sideways, bending fivetimes in each direction.

The second exercise involves yousitting down with your legs straight, matching your shoulder width.Once in this position, rest your left hand on your right knee andpull your back towards it, bending your torso in that direction,holding it for a period of five seconds. Then, do the same for theother arm/leg.

Another exercise to perform while insitting position, needs you to grab onto your toes and stretch bothyour back and your hamstring. While at the peak of stretching, holdfor 10 sec and then repeat the process 5 times.

Exercises for a Pinched Nerve in theShoulders

Firstly, you may place your handsbehind your head and then move your chin towards the lower rightshoulder area. After waiting for several seconds, you are to returnto the initial position and do the same movement towards the leftshoulder. Repeat 5 times.

Alternatively, performing shouldershrugs may be of great assistance as well. Namely, while standingstraight with your arms relaxed, rotate your shoulders in bothdirections. Do this 15 times in each direction, performing 5repetitions.

Finally, as if you are in a gym, liedown on your back, with your knees bent and your feet on the ground.Then while holding a broomstick in your hands as if it was a barbell,perform presses starting from your chest all the way up to your armslength.

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