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Most of the pregnant women are bothered with the same question: is it safe to exercise while being pregnant? There are many myths about this topic and most of the women still believe that engaging in even a slightest physical exercise may hurt the baby and result in birth defects. However, this is completely untrue. In fact, most of the pregnant woman will benefit from exercising and staying fit during pregnancy. Moderate exercise not only helps the mother fight against the backaches, bloating and constipation, but it is also beneficial for the baby. Moreover, women can improve their mood and prevent gestational diabetes with a regular practice. They will also have more energy and be more likely to return to their ideal weight soon after the delivery.

Before starting with exercise

Exercise in pregnancy is beneficial, but each woman should check with her doctor to get the permission to exercise. It is also important to consider the appropriate intensity of training. Women who were exercising on the regular basis before the pregnancy should remain active just not as energetically as before. Women new to exercising should start slowly and enjoy light to moderate exercise sessions lasting no longer than 30 minutes for about 3-4 times a week. It would be the best to build up the training routine in a course of a couple of days adding five minutes each week.

Great exercise choices for pregnant women

Pregnant women should choose low-impact and safe physical exercises. Swimming and water aerobics are great to keep the pregnant women fit without putting a lot of strain on the baby, spine and the joints. Exercising in water also strengthens the abdominal muscles, which can help to prepare a woman for giving birth. Moreover, a body feels much lighter in water, which makes the exercise even easier.

Yoga is another great way to incorporate the exercise into the daily routine. Yoga consists of stretching and breathing exercises, and some of the yogic sequences are especially designed for pregnant women. Yoga will help a pregnant woman to become more aware of her body, which may help during the delivery when it is very much important to stay calm and focused on the body.

It is important to wear loose clothing while exercising and drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration or getting too hot. The exercise should be invigorating and refreshing; therefore, it is important not to get too exhausted. A woman should avoid exercising while flat on the back once she is past the third month.

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