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Yoga is a traditional physical, mental, and spiritual discipline founded more than 5000 years ago in India. This practice is well known for some of its great benefits, while being a safe low-impact exercise routine at the same time. Pregnant women may benefit from most gentle types of yoga. These yoga exercises can help future moms to strengthen their body for child bearing and aid in relieving any of the discomforts the body typically experiences during the pregnancy. Specially designed prenatal yoga classes focus on renewing women’s inner strength and energy, and helping the women explore a balance within their mind and body.
Benefits of pregnancy yoga
More popular than ever, pregnancy yoga classes are an ideal way to stay in shape during the pregnancy. Even the women who have not been physically active before they got pregnant, can find these classes easy, relaxing and very effective. The main benefits of yoga are obvious on the body. It tones the muscles and improves the balance and circulation, while improving the natural range of motion. Yoga combines physical postures and breathing exercises. During the yoga course, an exerciser will learn how to breathe deeply and relax the body and mind with a simple breath. Breathing exercises will definitely help during the labor to remain focused and calm. A regular yoga practice will help a woman to control the urge to tighten up when she is in pain. She will learn how to relax, how to accept the pain and deal with it. Regular yoga exercises can also help to lower the blood pressure, which is one of the most common, complaints during pregnancy. Practicing yoga before and during pregnancy also increases the woman’s chances for natural childbirth.
Safety guidelines
The most important thing to have in mind is to find an instructor who is specifically trained in prenatal yoga. It isn’t recommended to practice yoga on your own while being pregnant. The instructor will help to adjust the program to women’s level of fitness and overall physical condition.
There are many different yoga postures. Standing postures and postures performed while lying on the floor are generally safe for pregnant women. Postures involving balance should be tackled with special attention. Women should also try not to overstretch the ligaments and to keep their abdominal muscles relaxed during the exercise.
A woman should drink a lot of water before, during and after the exercise, to keep her body well hydrated. If there is any pain, discomfort or nausea, the exercise should be discontinued.

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