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Women who are physically active, engaged in sports and regular exercise are predisposed to greater tolerance of pain and stress during pregnancy and childbirth. Stretching exercises are especially helpful for easing the pain during delivery. By exercising one releases endorphins (happiness hormone), which help with emotional stress and depression. Regular exercise during pregnancy provides women to easily and quickly recover after delivery, whether it comes to vaginal delivery or cesarean section. Also, exercise is very important because one\'s center of gravity changes in pregnancy. It moves forward, so women lean back to compensate. This leads to the curvature of the lower spine and can cause back pain.

Doctors also know the positive impact of exercise in pregnancy. There was an example of a woman who regularly mowed a lawn and delivered baby quickly and recover even quicker. The funniest thing is that she did not even realised she is delivering baby but she thought that she is still in pre-labor.

Every pregnant woman need to know some crucial facts for the successful exercise.

The first and most basic are to drink plenty of water and always carry a bottle of water or sports drinks. The most important thing for the health of people in general is adequate hydrating. That means that pregnant woman should take 8-10 glasses of water a day, not including juice, coffee, tea or milk. The water helps blood flow, and it improves uterus profusion, which means optimizing blood flow to the uterus. By this, baby gets more oxygen and nutrient and waste exchange between mother and baby becomes more efficient. Also, water is required to provide a sufficient amount of amniotic fluid around the baby that makes the baby floats not causing any pressure on the umbilical cord.

Then, one should wear comfortable and loose clothes and make sure it is not too hot or too cold.

One\'s shoes should fit well to prevent fluid retention.

And finally, before one starts exercising, they should do some gentle stretching exercises to warm up and prepare her muscles.

However, there are certain conditions during pregnancy when the exercise is not recommended. If one is too tired, if one has pain, spotting, bleeding or unusual discharge, she should not practice. If one has pre-eclampsia or pre-term labor, exercise is strictly prohibited. Also, if one feels light-headed, she should not exercise. Pregnant women feel this way because of frequent changes in blood volume and blood pressure which can lead to dizziness if a woman gets up too quickly or lying flat on his back. In that case, rest and drinking plenty of fluids is recommendable.

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