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Back pain is one of the most common health concerns of modern men. About 80% of all Americans are having back problems at some point in their lives. Back pain comes in different forms as lower-back pain, middle back pain, lower-back pain, and it is caused by nerve and muscular problems, degenerative disc disease, or arthritis. Most people affected with back problems usually try to restrain from any kind of movement and take medications or painkillers to help solve it. However, this approach provides just a temporary relief, and it does not affect the roots of the problem. Instead of taking medications, people should be encouraged to become more physically active and try to get better solution by exercising on the regular basis. However, it is recommended to consult a physician before exercise, in order to avoid making the situation even worse.

Benefits of exercise for back pain

Exercise for back pain can help to soften the tissues of the back and restore normal and healthy function to the affected muscles, ligaments and joints. The exercise also helps to distribute all the required nutrients to the tissues and reduce severity and duration of back problems. However, people should take a balanced approach and engage in different types of exercises. A combination of stretching, strength exercises and low-aerobic conditioning is probably the best possible approach that offers even more health benefits.


Stretching exercises are great for all. These exercises are light, they do not require any kind of superior fitness level, and they offer a wide array of benefits. Stretching exercises improve natural range of motion; they boost blood circulation, and help the muscles warm-up and finally relax. Stretching exercises are great to build flexibility, and they can be combined with deep breathing exercises, for additional benefits and relaxation.

Strength training

Strength training targets the muscles of the body. It is important to train each muscle group, including arms, legs, core, back, hips and buttocks. Core exercises are especially beneficial for people with back problems, since the strong and healthy core supports the spine and releases any kind of muscular tension that would otherwise be present.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises are also beneficial for back pain, even though it may be hard to believe. Actually, aerobic exercise increases blood circulation and breathing rate and therefore, boosts the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the back. This way, the stiffness and pain will gradually decline and muscles will become able to gradually recover to their healthy state.

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