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Exercises for pregnant women

No Time for Doing Nothing

Even though many believe that pregnant women should rest as much as they can, this is not necessarily the case. Namely, in order to relieve them of many problems of being pregnant, they are highly advised to do some light exercising on a regular basis, throughout their pregnancy. This will prevent them from suffering from constipation or any problems regarding the digestive tract. Additionally, it will help them get stronger and more capable of carrying their baby. Their back pain and the strain on the ligaments and muscles will be reduced to a minimum by simply doing easy exercises regularly. Pregnant women who exercise will have stronger and more flexible muscles and a better posture. Moreover, the whole labor will be easier to endure once your body is in good shape. Nevertheless, before indulging into any type of excessive physical exercise it is best to consult with your doctor.

First Trimester Exercises

It is always good to have a good, early start with your exercising. In order to better your blood circulation and ensure your body's regular detoxification, improving your sleeping and regeneration patterns, you might consider making walking and swimming your regular routine. Nevertheless, be careful, since you do not want to walk on a hot or humid days. As for swimming, make it a must, one twenty-minute session each week.

Additionally, you can start practicing relaxation techniques and correct breathing accompanying them, along with kegel exercises which will help you keep your pelvic muscles in good shape, making your labor easier, and your regeneration afterwards quicker.

Second Trimester Exercises

Once in this period, keep leading an active life, but keep it slow and moderate at the same time. Continue your swimming sessions, as well as your walking or even jogging. However, do not overdo it and stay relaxed throughout the process. Continuing your relaxation and breathing exercises, along with yoga, will help you with that. Introduce light weight lifting while sitting. With all of these, reduce the intensity once you get in your sixth month of pregnancy.

Third Trimester Exercises

In this period, be as gentle as you can. Stop lifting weights, jogging and doing anything involving you lying on your back. Keep walking and doing yoga only if you feel fine while doing these. Restrain yourself from anything that bothers you.

Finally, throughout the whole pregnancy period, make sure you drink plenty of water and eat well. In cases of any problems or abnormalities during your pregnancy, seek medical attention immediately.

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