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Red Wine, Yes or No?

Red wine, known for its wide variety ofhealthy properties, has been recommended for daily moderateconsumption in many cases. However, in one specific case, it has beenlabeled as an absolutely forbidden alcoholic drink to be drunk.Namely, this case is during pregnancy where the future mother shouldnot even come close to alcohol of any kind, let alone consume it.Alcohol indulgence during pregnancy is likely to cause fetal alcoholsyndrome or FAS to the newly born baby. This affects its nervoussystem, making the child impaired regarding its neurological,behavioral and other mental characteristics. Moreover, the baby islikely to be physically deformed as well, bearing specific signs ofthe FAS, including small eyes, characteristic facial deformationsetc. Therefore, red wine was always out of the question along withall other alcoholic beverages, being extremely unhealthy for the babygrowing inside a mother's womb. Nevertheless, recent medicaldiscoveries have come to a conclusion that moderate consumption ofred wine can actually be beneficial for the child to-be-born.However, careful indulgence into this alcoholic drink is a must.

Red Wine in Pregnancy, Good or Bad?

First of all, researches have shownthat moderate consumption of this alcoholic drink, meaning that apregnant woman is not advised to have more than 3 glasses of red winea week, bear no negative effects upon the health of the woman and thefetus inside her womb. However, any amounts larger than these arebound to cause damage, due to excessive alcohol exposure.

As for the differences in opinionsaround the world, we have French doctors who advise moderate andcareful red wine consumption during pregnancy for relaxation, while,in the US, this is absolutely forbidden. Thus, attitudes vary and thebenefit of red wine during pregnancy remains a mystery.

Interestingly, researches have shownthat children whose mothers consumed red wine moderately during theirpregnancies have less behavioral and cognitive problems than childrenwhose mothers avoided red wine completely. Moreover, children of redwine drinking mothers seem to score better at vocabulary tests andhave better didactic capabilities which they show earlier. Amazingly,red wine is known to reduce contractions which take place before theoptimal term. Thus, red wine consumption in pregnancy can reduceearly births.

All in all, a glass of red wine everytwo days can prove to be beneficial for your baby and your wholeprocess of pregnancy. Nevertheless, you are advised to be extremelycareful and consult with your doctor beforehand.

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