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For those with bad knees, it can be difficult to perform exercise without feeling pain or suffering long term complications. However, specific cardiovascular exercises exist that are aimed at those with bad knees. Bad knees can cause severe pain, and can lead to a major reduction in ones range of movement. Those recovering from knee surgery should make an effort to learn about specific cardio workouts that are aimed at people with their problems. Impact can be troublesome for those with injuries of this type, so any activity undertaken should not involve exposure to heavy or persistent impact on the knees. This can be harmful, not to mention painful.
Before you undertake an exercise regime, remember not to overextend or bend your knees too much. Bending the knees too much can lead to a lot of extra pressure being placed on the knee.
The stepup exercise requires the use of a staircase or step bench. First, place your left foot on the step, and push your body up. Make sure to use your calf muscles to do so. Touch the step with your right foot, before moving the right foot back to the original position. Repeat the exercise on the opposite foot. While doing so, remember to keep the knee straight and in line with the ankle.
Side Lying Leg Lifts can be quite effective with regard to improving the condition of the knees. Lie on your left side, with the head resting on the same arm. The, gently lift the opposite into the air. Return it to the original position and repeat the exercise on the opposite side. Perform as many repetitions as you feel comfortable doing.
Partial Squats require one to stand close to a bed or a chair. Make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart, with the knees remaining straight. Bend forward until your forehead touches the bed or chair. Push yourself back to the original position, using your hands to do so. Don't forget to keep the knees straight while doing this exercise.
Calf Raises help to build up the calf muscles. However, they can also be effective in terms of helping out bad knees. To perform the exercise, stand with your feet at hip width. Carefully raise the heels off the ground, until you are standing on your toes. Again, do not bend the knees. Perform as many repetitions as you can. If necessary, use a chair or wall to give yourself some balance.

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