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Undertaking some basic back exercises can help greatly in the treatment of sciatic pain. These exercises will generally always provide some relief and in some cases can help to complete eliminate the effects of back pain caused by sciatica. These stretches strengthen the spinal region as well as the overall body.

However, back exercises need to be combined with proper rest in order to make recovery as efficient as possible. Further to this, back exercises should not be undertaken until the back muscles have recovered enough to allow the exercises to be safely performed. Thus, it might be necessary to consult a doctor before you do in fact commit to an exercise regime. Staying off your feet and avoiding putting pressure on the back can also help with sciatica recovery.

Exercises using exercise mats

Sit on the mat with one leg extended. The foot of the opposing leg should be kept near the thigh of the extended leg. Then, move the upper body forwards and attempt to touch the toes of the extended leg. You may not be able to do this at first, but go as far as you can. Maintain this pose for three or four seconds and repeat for both legs.

Lie down on your stomach on top of the mat. Then, extend your feet and raise the head upwards using the arms as traction. Arch the back as much as possible before locking your elbows, pointing your toes and looking at the ceiling. Maintain this pose for five seconds.Other Exercises

The following stretch allows you to choose whether to stand or sit. First, lift both of your hands above your head and lock them together. Make sure that the arms are as straight as possible and that the elbows are in a locked position. Then, slowly bend your upper body to one side. Hold the finishing position for five seconds and repeat the stretch on both sides.

One exercise requires the use of a stability ball should one be available. Put the ball on the floor and sit on it. Place your feet firmly on the ground in order to ensure the ball maintains its position. Make sure you also keep your back as straight as possible. Having done this, put your hands on the surface of the ball before turning the body slowly towards the left or right. This turn should involve the upper body only, the lower body should remain as stationary as possible. Hold this turn for about five seconds and repeat the stretch on each side.

Yoga, Chi Kung and Tai Chi can all help alleviate sciatic pain. They all involve low-impact workouts and can help strengthen the abdomen and back as well as improving flexibility.

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