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Every person who suffers from foot neuropathy wishes to find out some sort of treatment that will help him or her get rid of the problem or at least ease the discomfort it provides. These people need to know that there are a lot of possible measures that can be taken. First of all, it is important that a person gets to know what foot neuropathy is. Foot neuropathy is a certain condition in which the nerves within the foot are affected and that causes a lot of discomfort and in some cases pain.

There are a lot of causes that lead to foot neuropathy and some of the most common are high blood pressure levels, an injury and even excess alcohol consumption or HIV infection. Some of the most common sensations that a person will experience are numbness in foot, tingling sensation, pain in foot and burning sensation in foot that only gets worse in the evening.


Among all the causes of foot neuropathy, the prevalence of diabetes is one of the most common. This is why doctors recommend people who suffer from foot neuropathy to go on a certain diet. Introducing those foods will enable a person to have more control over his or her blood sugar levels.


Out of all the possible treatments, exercise is recommended by doctors for almost all ailments that people may end up suffering from. The case is not different when foot neuropathy is considered. It is important that a person suffering from this condition exercises every day, if that is possible. Regular exercise will maintain proper blood circulation, which is important in this case. Apart from that, a person who exercises is less likely to experience cramps and tingling sensation in the muscles as they will not get too strained, expanded or contracted.

Over the counter medication

A person who suffers from foot neuropathy can try using certain over the counter medications that will help him or her a lot with the problem. There are various medications that can be used like local application creams and moisturizers.

Physical therapy is another treatment for foot neuropathy and it is highly recommended by doctors. Acupuncture is only one of the possible physical therapy treatments. Massages are pretty common as well. Apart from these treatments there are some other that are not as safe as the ones mentioned. Surgery is an option as well.

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