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Some people may experience the numbness in fingers and it may be really annoying for them. In most cases, this is a symptom of insufficient blood supply to the arm, or it can be associated with a neurogenic debilitating disease. If you happen to experience the numbness in your fingers and toes, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible, as this condition can be also a symptom of some serious kind of neuropathic disorder.


There are various causes of the numbness in fingers, and they are usually associated with the improper blood flow or some kind of neuropathy. Pinching of the nerve between the ulna and radius is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Any kind of compressing the nerve leads to the reduced sensation in the fingers, which can cause the numbness. Another condition called radiculopathy is a condition of compressing a nerve in the spine and the sensation in the peripherals becomes reduced, thus leading to numbness in fingers. If you experience numbness and tingling sensation in fingers, it can be caused due to the condition named leprosy, which is caused by the bacteria that enter the cells and inhabit themselves there. It can also lead to other physical deformities. Thoracic outlet syndrome is a condition of compressed blood vessels or nerves, or even both on their way out from the thoracic outlet, which is the base of the arm to the neck. It can easily cause the numbness in fingers, too. One more cause of numbness in hands is called frostbite, which can be very dangerous if not treated on time. It manifests itself in the very low temperatures and then the blood vessels become so narrowed down, that there is almost no blood supply available to the hand or the foot. Other symptoms of frostbite besides numbness in fingers and toes are also burning sensation and pain in the extremities. This condition should be treated immediately as it tends to have some really serious consequences on the extremities. Next cause of the numbness in fingers is named peripheral vascular disease, which occurs because of the atherosclerosis. Peripheral artery disease is a condition in which the arteries are completely or partially blocked and they create the sensation of tingling and numbness in fingers. Damaging of the nerve is called diabetic neuropathy and it causes the numbness and tingling sensation in fingers. This condition also causes the pain in the foot, which is eventually followed by the diabetic foot. Raynaud`s syndrome is a condition of compressing the blood vessels of toes and fingers. People who suffer from this condition can experience the whitening and blanching, as well as numbness in fingers.


There are various treatments for the numbness in fingers and each one of them depends on the condition of the patient. Cholesterol levels and high blood sugar should be immediately reduced in case a person suffers from severe diabetes symptoms. Physical therapy can also help you get rid of the numbness in fingers but it is always best to consult a doctor about the possible treatments of the condition. Sometimes, the severe cases would require the surgery.

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