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Those who suffer from thumb arthritis are known for suffering from a lot of pain in their thumbs. The painful sensations usually occur at the basal joint, at the base of the thumb. This area is what makes the movements possible for the thumb. With time, the cartilage whose purpose is to protect the bone slowly gets deteriorated due to the everyday wear and tear and it all leads to the development of arthritis.

How to find out if somebody is having arthritis

People who suffer from osteoarthritis usually also suffer from basal joint arthritis or thumb arthritis as well. It is rather easy to determine whether a person suffers from basal joint arthritis. All it takes for her or him is to try to grip or pinch some object with the hand. If the person experiences a painful sensation in the base of the thumb or if the pinch is not as accurate as it should be, he or she probably suffers from arthritis. If such symptoms do occur, one should seek immediate medical attention. After consulting the doctor, a person may indulge in certain types of exercises which are known for being rather helpful in alleviating the painful sensations and healing the condition.

Exercises for Thumb Arthritis

Exercises should not be considered as the primary method of treatment in this type of medical condition. They are only an alternative type of treatment method. Physical therapy is usually the primary method of treatment used for this medical condition. These exercises are usually efficient in strengthening the muscles and making them more flexible, but in some cases the painful sensations may remain or even get worse. One should always stay in the comfort zone while practicing, and it is very important not to push too hard. One exercise involves keeping the hands on the table, resting them and then lifting the fingers off the table, one by one. One should not lift more than finger at a time. Keeping the palm in front of one’s own face and spreading all the fingers as wide as possible is another potent exercise. The tip of the thumb is supposed to touch the tips of all other fingers, one by one. Another good exercise involves making a fist and pointing with the thumb upwards, and then making the letter O with it. Making a fist and then opening the hand and spreading the fingers is another good exercise, which needs plenty of repetition.

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