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There are not a lot of people in the world who do not know what Down syndrome is or have never seen a person who suffers from it. Every person who has Down syndrome has the same facial features and that is why it is not hard not to notice them. It is not uncommon for people with Down syndrome to have health problems. For instance, heart defects are pretty common.

Children with Down syndrome do not learn as fast as other kids to talk and take care of themselves. Even though that is so, kids with Down syndrome still go to regular schools, have friends and get jobs when they are old enough. In order for a person with Down syndrome to have all these opportunities, it is important that he or she receives special help as early as possible.

The cause

It is known that an extra chromosome is the cause of Down syndrome and that is why the bodies of people with Down syndrome develop the way they do. Race and nationality of the parents does not play a part in their child being born with the syndrome.

Health problems are common

According to the experts, 50% of all babies born with the syndrome have heart defects. Nowadays, most of these defects can be repaired through surgery.

Infections of the lungs and breathing are pretty common for children with Down syndrome. When they get infected, it lasts more that it is normal. Digestion problems like constipation are also pretty common and so are eye and ear problems. It is not uncommon for children with Down syndrome to suffer from leukemia as well.

According to the data, one baby out of 800 is born with Down syndrome. Why should people exercise?

Almost every person in the world knows that exercise is important and that by exercising a person will receive a lot of health benefits. If a person is able, he or she should exercise every day. A person who exercises every day will have a lot of energy. A healthy diet is important for a good life but exercise is important just as well.

By exercising a person will prevent a number of diseases. Even depression is reduced if a person exercises.

Digestion is improved if a person exercises.

Apart from these obvious health benefits, a person who exercises will feel confident within. Regular exercise is important part of stress reduction.

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