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Peripheral Neuropathy-Overview

Peripheral Neuropathy is a term used to describe damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system which leads to symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness most commonly affecting the hands and feet. Actually, the nerves in a person’s extremities are damaged, and they do not send the proper signals to the brain, and the brain interprets this as the aforementioned sensations. It usually affects the feet, but it has been known to also affect the hands, arms, and legs.

It is more common in people who suffer from diabetes, alcoholism, pernicious anemia, etc. It is estimated that the percentage of people that have this condition in the world is in between two to eight percent. Not a small number, considering that this percentage means that up to half a million people worldwide have it.

The symptoms are numbness, itching feeling, tingling, and tremor felt in a person’s hands and feet. There also might be a sense of pin in the muscles and occasional cramping. It is not uncommon that the skin of those suffering from peripheral neuropathy turns hypersensitive, which means that the patients cannot bare anything touching their feet and hands.

There is usually an underlying cause to this condition, and these usually include some type of injury that the person is unaware of, diseases such as autoimmune disorders, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and etc. It is vital that the cause be treated first, and, with it, this condition will be healed too.


Of course, there are certain things a person may do to prevent neuropathy or lessen its effect. These include: exercising regularly, massaging of hands and feet, quitting smoking, avoiding pressure on the extremities (while they may cause nerve damage), etc. People who suffer from diabetes should take extra care of their feet and check daily for blisters, sores, and cuts.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are useful in a way that they get the job done, while producing no side-effects. It is why more and more people today are choosing this type of treatment for many conditions. The following list of remedies can be used to treat the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy:

Aconite. It is very useful when it comes to treating shooting or burning pain.Hypericum. Used when the pain is located in one’s feet, or when there’s a tingling sensation.Belladona. Useful for pains in hips and thighs.Magnesium phos. For spasms and muscle cramps.Topical gel, such as Neuragen. It is used to relieve almost all of the neuropathy symptoms. Many have confirmed that it is quite effective.

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