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Physical activity is good for keeping heart and circulation in good shape. Studies have shown that exercising regularly can benefit recovery from heart attack. In case of a heart disease or high blood pressure physical activity can prevent symptoms from getting worse. Exercise reduces the strain on heart and lowers blood pressure. By stimulating the blood circulation the blood clots are prevented from forming and therefore the risk of stroke or heart attack is significantly reduced. It increases fat and weight loss and builds up muscle mass.

Exercise for heart

The good HDL cholesterol that moves fat from the arteries back to the liver for processing is stimulated by exercise. Levels of LDL cholesterol that can clog the arteries and cause heart disease can be reduced by working out.Physical activity is good for stress and anxiety release.Recommended dose of physical activity is 30 minutes daily, five to seven days a week.Although walk is beneficial, the best exercise for the heart is aerobic activity that includes large groups of muscles. Some of these are fast walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing or even chores like digging in your garden or chopping wood.A healthy nutrition is very important. It should include balance of fiber, unsaturated fat, protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.Exercise is efficient for most people when the heart beat increase can be felt. But those with heart problems must be cautious not to put the hearth under too much stress. People with heart condition should consult their doctor to find the most suiting physical activity. The doctor can do a ECG (electrocardiogram) test on exercise bike or treadmill and find out the amount and intensity of activity safe for the person.

How to exercise

Pace of the workout should start slowly and increase gradually toward the end. That way the heart strain is minimized. Workout session should start with a warm up and end with relaxing and simple stretching. Always warm up at the start of a session, and take time to cool down at the end with some simple stretches.

Always be cautious

In case of high blood pressure, regular exercise is recommended. Intensive workouts like weight lifting and competitive sports should be avoided because they can cause sharp increases in blood pressure which are dangerous.For people who suffered a heart attack or surgery, it is possible to take part in rehabilitation program that will set a safe workout tempo.In case of heart failure conditions, the doctor can prescribe the suitable amount of exercise. These will include starting slowly and increasing the tempo only while comfortable. If breathlessness occurs or ankles start swelling stopping the workout is recommended.People with angina caused chest pain should work out regularly. The attention should be taken in choosing the activity that does not cause breathlessness. Walking is recommended. The distance and speed should be increased gradually but one should stay in the comfort zone. Do not exercise in cold weather or after a heavy meal. Spray and tablets should always be kept close at hand. Avoiding activities such as weights, heavy lifting, digging, press ups, activities that include standing up fast or cause chest pain, are recommended.

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