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If a person suffers from back problems, there are manythings that can be done to avoid further complications and remedy the problem.

People who have lower back pain are often encouraged toparticipate in their own recovery.

There are many different causes of back pain. Sometime theintervertebral disc fails when sudden force is being applied, and when thishappens it cannot repair itself, which is usually a cause of recurrent backpain.

The pain also prevents a person from exercising, which doesnot bode well for disc nutrition. Physically activity keeps the disc healthy,but without exercise, the disc will be deprived of nutrition and degenerate.

Activity is need to maintain the exchange of fluids inspinal structures and reduce swelling that naturally occurs in the tissues thatsurround the injured disc.

The swelling can also irritate the nerves affected by theherniated disc.

Muscles, ligaments and tendons are also important for maintainingspinal health.

Muscles can contribute to chronic back pains as well. Whennerves are cut or pinched, the muscles they control do not work, and since themuscle is in constant communication with the central nervous system, anger andanxiety can tense the muscles and cause spasms as well.

There is a difference between acute and chronic backpain. Acute pain is more common and results from a sudden soft tissue injurylike a sprain or a cut even. The pain is immediate but gradually eases.

Chronic pain comes in constant low levels of stimulation tothe nervous system that turn into a pattern.

In such cases, pain might even spread to other areas of thebody that are not injured.

It is key to have exercises for rehabilitation from backproblems. The extensors, flexors and rotators are all muscle groups thatmust be worked out in order to successfully recover from back injuries.

It is advisable to see a trained and licenses physical therapistthat will guide each person individually through the rehabilitation and providea custom plan of exercises that will fit the individual needs of each person.

Stretching exercises are important in recovery. In order torecover successfully and make sure that the back injures do not come back, thestretching exercise must be combined with strength training to keep the backmuscles strong, as well as low-impact aerobic conditioning, a proper diet, agood amount of sleep and rest, and generally the maintaining of an active and healthylifestyle to make sure that the back injuries do not occur again.

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